Bose 251 White רמקולים חיצוניים לגינה בוס

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Bose 251 רמקולים חיצוניים לגינה בוס - לבן  

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Bose 251

רמקולים חיצוניים לגינה בוס – לבן


מחיר הרמקולים בארץ


Bose 251 White

Bose’s best wall-mount outdoor speakers with extremely wide sound field for larger outdoor areas.These weather resistant speakers are engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 60 °C to -30 °C. They are also protected by a five-year limited warranty.

Articulated Array® speaker design to produce an extremely wide sound field

Unique multi-chambered design

Twiddler drivers (6.4cm) with glass composite cone and silky light surround deliver clear, high frequencies from a speaker that resists deterioration under extreme conditions.

Two full-range drivers (6.35cm) positioned in an Articulated Array® speaker design provide consistent, lifelike sound over a large listening area.

Woofers (13.34cm) with polymer fibre compos

Product description

About the product

This award-winning outdoor speakers provide balanced stereo sound over a much wider listening area than most other outdoor speakers. And keep this good outdoor speaker Bose for wall mounting guarantees the adverse weather conditions was.

Assemble the speakers simply to an outside wall, connect your Lifestyle system or your stereo components and an SA-3 amplifier to and enjoy Bose quality sound over a much wider listening area.

Bose speakers that surround you with sound

With most other outdoor speakers you will hear stereo sound only at certain so-called “sweet spot” and not in a wide listening area.They often provide not this impressive powerful bass. In the innovative Bose 251 environmental speakers, however, an Articulated Array speaker design is used that an extremely wide sound field on your terrace at your pool or in your garden produces.

These outdoor speakers two precisely positioned speakers are housed in the housing so you can enjoy consistent stereo effects even if you move out. And the unique multi-chamber housing of this outer speaker minimize audible distortion in the bass range – for a sound reproduction with clear natural bass.

Bose 251 environmental speakers are designed for extreme weather conditions. This weatherproof speakers were tested for their resistance to rain snow salt and extreme temperatures of 60 ° C to -30 ° C.

Bring the performance of your Lifestyle system in the outdoor area

Add the system just 251 environmental speakers / SA-3 amplifier, a package for the top sound of the Lifestyle system to enjoy outdoors. Enjoy your music in the garden by the pool or at any other place in the open air – even while on the same Lifestyle system in the house, a movie or different music plays.

More functions

  • The Articulated Array speaker design provides exactly into the housing integrated drivers for a large and very uniform sound coverage
  • Stress testing under environmental conditions of Bose simulate the action of rain sunlight ice heat water and salt. This is proof that these outside speakers to withstand extreme conditions and thereby provide reliable and durable quality sound
  • The multi-chamber housing minimized thanks to its unique structure audible distortion of low frequencies. Enjoy clear natural sound from an outside speaker can easily be installed in the garden on your patio or poolside
  • A woofer (134 cm) in an exclusively developed by Bose multi-chamber housing provides deep powerful bass without distortion almost
  • Twiddler drivers (64 cm) with geotextile skirt and fiber composite cone ensure clear treble from a speaker ensures a distortion-free reproduction even in extreme weather conditions
  • Two full-range drivers (635 cm) in an Articulated Array speaker design ensure uniform lifelike sound over a wide listening area
  • The mineral and glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene housing provides additional protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Woofer (1334 cm) with driver-cone composite and butyl rubber mount provide a high-quality sound from a speaker ensures a distortion-free reproduction even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Weather resistant mountings and materials keep the adverse circumstances of all seasons stand
  • Syncom computer testing guarantees the highest quality and reliability in the audio industry