Canton ASF 75 SC black סאב וופר קנטון


למרות שמופיע שהמוצר לא נשלח לישראל, הוסיפו לסל, המוצר נשלח

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

למרות שמופיע שהמוצר לא נשלח לישראל, הוסיפו לסל, המוצר נשלח

Canton ASF 75 SC

רמקול סאב וופר קנטון – שחור



The Canton ASF 75 SC renowned speaker manufacturer offers the perfect subwoofer solution for home theater enthusiasts who want to get in terms of sound the most out of their living room. Whether it is playing your favorite music on CD or the soundtrack of Hollywood Blockbuster on DVD, -the active subwoofer Canton ASF 75 SC gives all material sources a solid bass foundation! In this model, there is a down-firing subwoofer, which emits the sound on the floor to transmit the highest possible sound pressure on the spatial structure. In cramped conditions can the Canton ASF 75 SC even placed on the wall. For harmonious integration into the living room, it is available in both black and white color finish.

Canton ASF 75 SC

For a particularly realistic sensation deepest bass frequencies be transmission range makes 33-200 Hz. The transition frequency is in the range between 80 and 200 Hz adjustable. The adjustable bass level underlines the claim for maximum adaptability, even under demanding acoustic conditions.

The internal amplifier drives the 200 mm driver (aluminum wave surround) with rich 120 watts and produces air movements, which are amplified by the bass reflex opening after a nice combination in punchy, accurate bass. And that with extraordinary dimensions of 43 x 15.5 x 41 cm. He is next to the application on the ground is also predestined for mounting on the wall.

Because the human ear can low-frequency sound waves below 80 Hz locate only with difficulty, can the subwoofer integrate flexibly into the living room. Usually, the distance the ball to the wall and corners a not inconsiderable role because in lack of distance the danger booming, imprecise bass reproduction is. Not so with the Canton ASF 75 SC, which is one of the few subwoofers mounted on the wall provide excellent sound! Of course, it can also be arranged freely in the room.

The Canton ASF 75 SC development engineers is gelungn a small miracle. Despite the short height of only 15 cm, this subwoofer is compatible with its long-stroke woofer including movable double bead in terms of sound volume larger siblings in any way after.

To protect the Canton ASF 75 SC the manufacturer recommends a business phase to the development of the maximum sound characteristics 15-20 hours of operation under normal volume and avoid extremely high peaks, best at most different music material.

Delivered the active subwoofer Canton ASF 75 SC  including wall mount

  • Use – Active Subwoofer System Principle – Bass reflex system Nominal / musical performance – 60/120 watts
  • Frequency range – 33 … 200 Hz Crossover frequency – 80 … 200 Hz (adjustable) Woofer – 1 x 200 mm, Aluminium (wave surround)
  • Connection – 2 high-level inputs (speaker cable), 2 low-level inputs (RCA) Equipment – off-switching, Adjustable volume, Adjustable crossover frequency
  • Containing SC technology, Wall brackets – Special