Canton Chrono 505 black רמקול סנטר קנטון


Canton Chrono 505  רמקול סנטר קנטון - שחור  

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Canton Chrono 505

 רמקול סנטר קנטון – שחור


Canton Chrono 505 black – center speaker

Canton Chrono 505 is a compact 2-1/2-way center-channel speaker. Able to handle up to 140 watts, each black high gloss enclosure houses a 6-inch aluminum wave surround woofer, a 6-inch aluminum wave surround midrange driver, and a 1-inch aluminum-manganese tweeter.
2 1/2-way center channel speaker
Massive “high gloss” baffle
Aluminum-manganese tweeter systems
Woofer and midrange speakers with wave technology

  • Canton Chrono 505 Center speaker, 21/2-way bass reflex system
  • Nominal / music power 85 / 140W
  • Frequency response: 32 … 40,000 Hz
  • Components: Woofer (1x 160mm aluminum wave surround), Midrange (1x 160mm aluminum wave surround) Tweeter (1x 25mm aluminum manganese)
  • Delivery: 1x Canton Chrono 505, user guide