Denon CEOL N-4 white מערכת סטריאו דנון

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Denon CEOL N4 מערכת סטריאו דנון - לבן  

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Denon CEOL N4

מערכת סטריאו דנון – לבן


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Strong values ​​in a small format

Powerful compact system with network and Bluetooth audio streaming, Internet radio and Spotify Connect

The ultra-compact network music system CEOL Piccolo N4 fits thanks to its modern design in virtually any environment. However CEOL Piccolo N4 plant is not only an eye-catcher with a small footprint: you receive audio streams in high definition quality of hard drives, computers, mobile devices and the Internet via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, as well as Bluetooth and USB. At the same time the all-rounder CEOL Piccolo N4 is also equipped with support for Spotify Connect and Internet radio. An optical digital input or analog input on the back, among other things televisions or additional audio devices can be connected directly. The housing is made of double-layered, particularly hard acrylic and therefore particularly scratch resistant. The operation can be done either via app, using the included user-friendly remote control or the controls on the top of the product. Despite its small size, the final stage of CEOL Piccolo N4 generates a whopping 40 watts of power per channel for 2-way speaker newly developed – the final sound tuning is made in Germany – for a high quality, room-filling sound.

Supports Wi-Fi Sharing (iOS), Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) and WPS (Wi-Fi Protecetd Setup)

Thanks to the support for Wi-Fi Sharing, WAC (iOS) and WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), the Piccolo CEOL particularly easy to integrate into your wireless network. If you turn on your CEOL Piccolo Wi-Fi sharing, it will be displayed on iOS devices. Per keypress transmits the iDevice network name and key to the CEOL Piccolo, which then automatically connects to the network. To connect to a Wi-Fi router with WPS support, simply press the WPS button on this router and at the CEOL Piccolo. The connection to CEOL Piccolo is then set up automatically.

Supports WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)

When WMM-certified device itself CEOL Piccolo integrated into home networks with other network devices such as computers, NASGeräten and mobile devices. About WMM the best possible quality and reliability when streaming digital audio data is configured on the network. The media data is thereby given priority so that the streaming will not be interrupted by the transmission of other, less critical network data.

The specialist for Bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA, Internet Radio or Spotify Connect – CEOL piccolo
Support for AirPlay for music streaming with Apple devices and iTunes

With AirPlay for Apple devices and iTunes, you can easily stream audio data by clicking on the AirPlay icon and select the CEOL Piccolo.

Fully digital amplification

The powerful digital amplifier is fully digital, so that no unnecessary changes are necessary from the digital source to the gain. An intelligent equalizer circuit allows the optimization of the sound quality in conjunction with the Denon SC-N4 2-way speaker system comes bundled with the CEOL Piccolo. If you use the system with other speakers, you can turn off the loudspeaker optimization.

A wireless Bluetooth streaming with NFC-coupling for easy music playback from mobile devices

With Bluetooth NFC-coupling can be audio connections for Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops produced particularly quickly. In the NFC pairing, the device is easily touched with the NFC-enabled Bluetooth audio device. There are no keystrokes required. Of course, the CEOL Piccolo also supports coupling with devices without NFC (z. B. iDevices).

Easy operation via App

You can control the CEOL Piccolo via a quick and handy app. With the Denon Remote App, you have it in hand. Whether you use an Apple or Android device – with this interface you have access to many features of your CEOL Piccolo. So it is in your hands. Take it easy and discover may be the new freedom as simply. The Denon Remote App is available for free from the iTunes Store.

Spotify Connect

Already, millions of people listen to their favorite music via Spotify on your PC. Now you can do directly from the CEOL Piccolo from Denon, this also – so that we reach the next stage of the modern home entertainment. Denon is known for sound quality with the highest standards. Since Spotify again offering audio files in premium quality with up to 320 kbps bit rate, an excellent music experience is also available in Music Streaming nothing in the way. Denon ensures an uncomplicated and intuitive handling Spotify through the user-friendly OLED display of CEOL Piccolo or through an app. Listening to favorite songs or to discover new hits is now even easier than before – with Denon and Spotify. Simply login with your Spotify subscription and you access to the music library of Spotify. With the on-demand access to more than 15 million titles to choose from.

The CEOL family provides advanced features in an elegant design
Denon SC-N4 speaker

In these speakers the whole hi-fi experience from Denon infected. To achieve the best performance, a 12-cm-deep midrange combined with a high-definition tweeter and a crossover with selected components.These elements together create a soft, natural sound, which was coordinated by German sound specialists. The boxes have a glossy surface and a covering.

  • Hi-Fi System
  • Built-in Bluetooth and NFC
  • Audio system & WiFi Ethernet Network
  • AirPlay
  • Spotify connect integrated reading Continuously AIFF, ALAC files

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