Denon DCD-520AE CD black קומפקט דיסק דנון

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המחיר לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד – להסבר לחצו כאן

Denon DCD-520AE

קומפקט דיסק דנון – שחור


מחיר הקומפקט דיסק בארץ


Denon DCD-520AE – SOLID DESIGNTER CD players Denon premium quality

To listen to your favorite music as faithfully as possible, the Denon DCD-520AE is equipped with a wide range of audio technologies that Denon has developed and refined over many years. It is based on the best genes of his predecessors and even holds more innovations in sound, design and operation ready. Particularly noteworthy is the complex European sound tuning and a high-quality 32-bit / 192kHz D / A converter, whereby high-quality sound for demanding but price-conscious music lovers is possible already at entry level.

High-precision 32-bit 192 kHz D / A converter

Our engineers have conducted extensive listening tests carried out to select the high-precision 32-bit / 192 kHz D / A converter of the Denon DCD-520AE. This converter and the years Denon refined circuit design reproduces the delicate nuances of music.

DAC master clock design for high-precision and noise-free music enjoyment

The Denon DCD-520AE has the same type of DAC, which are also used in our higher-class CD players. The clock signals for all stages used in the player will be generated by a high-precision oscillator, whereby the sound generation succeeds without interference.

Vibration-resistant design with robust metal base plate

Transformers, which are themselves a source of vibration, have been placed near the ground and immediately above the feet in order to allow direct contact with the ground. This prevents the propagation of unwanted vibration or noise.

Two-line fluorescent display

Two-line fluorescent display

The Denon DCD-520AE large front display with two lines indicates meta data such as title, artist and album name in MP3 or WMA files.


  • Eco-Friendly by extremely low power consumption in stand-by
  • Auto Power Off
  • Redesigned user-friendly remote control system (also for network players and integrated amplifiers)
  • Optical Digital Output
  • Folder Mode function, for playing only files stored in specific folders (for discs with MP3 / WMA files)
Analog and digital output

Analog and digital output

The Denon DCD-520AE has a high quality RCA analog output, and an optical digital output for connecting a digital recording device or amplifier. Additionally, you can connect other Denon devices on the remote control cables and control via a remote control system.

Unique technologies

  • Master Clock Design
  • High-quality aluminum front.
  • A vibration-proof construction with robust metal base plate
  • Drive with centrally mounted drawer unit
  • Elaborate design to preserve signal purity
  • Minimum signal path
  • Strictly selected parts for excellent sound quality
  • Aluminum front panel
  • European Sound Tuning
  • High-precision 32-bit 192 kHz D / A converter
  • CD-R / CD-RW playback (MP3, WMA)
  • Two-line fluorescent display
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Newly designed remote control