Denon Heos 7 white רמקול אלחוטי מוגבר דנון האוס

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Denon Heos 7 רמקול אלחוטי מוגבר דנון האוס - לבן  

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Denon Heos 7

רמקול אלחוטי מוגבר דנון האוס – לבן


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Heos 7 – Noble and Stark

This great speaker is in every respect a flagship, designed for those who require high performance to sometimes really loud to hear and not having to do without excellent sound quality. For the perfect sound provide a total of seven drivers, five high-quality Class D amplifiers and sophisticated, tailored to the system DSP algorithms from the professional range. The party can begin.

  • Super high output despite the compact size.
  • Control of all functions with the free Heos app for iOS and Android
  • Simple initial installation via App.
  • Stream your favorite online music services such as Spotify, Napster, TuneIn, Tidal, SoundCloud and Deezer
  • Stream music from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Music from USB or analog AUX jack input can be displayed on one or more Heos players, perfectly synchronized.
  • Headphone output (3.5 mm jack) with automatic muting function
  • Refined-designed housing suppress standing waves
  • Ethernet jack for a wired network connection
  • Integrated dual band WLAN module (IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n to 2.4 or 5 GHz) for direkteWLAN-connect to the router without any additional devices.
  • WLAN can be switched off

In every room

Enjoy your music in a room or in several. Play in up to 7 rooms absolutely synchronously the same music (party mode), or different music in different rooms. Heos can manage up to 32 rooms.

You can give each speaker Heos an individual name and see so directly where you play your music.

Your music

With Heos you have access to all music sources: Stream your music from online services such as Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, Napster and Deezer.Listen to one of over a thousand Internet radio stations, or listen to songs directly from your smartphone, tablet.

Play. An unlimited number of songs from your dlna compatible network hard drive Of course you can also on each device Heos an external analog source such as a CD player or turntable * (* possibly. Phono preamp required) connect. Each Heos speaker also has a USB port to which you can connect either a USB flash drive / USB hard drives or the supplied Bluetooth adapter. You can then play all over the house to this music.

Simply enjoy

Create your own playlist or have your friends put together a Partymix.

Through your personal Heos account, you can create custom playlists and yet accessible for the whole family to your music on the network.

Heos App

The free and constantly evolving Heos app to control for iOS, Kindle Fire and Android app can be downloaded for free.

Over 100 years experience

Heos based on over 100 years audio engineering.

The name stands for innovative Denon audio engineering and reliable premium quality. Each Heos system is designed in-house at Denon and contains only strictly selected components that guarantee a sound performance by which crave HiFi lovers.

Easy setup

1. Connect Heos.

2. Download the free app from the Amazon Heos Store, Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone / tablet.

3. Start the app and Heos Connect to your home network (The Heos app guides you quickly and easily through this step).

4. Choose your Musik..und off you go!

For the whole house

Each room deserves its own Heos product, so you can control music throughout your house individually or collectively.


The Heos family offers you the Heos speakers also Heos TV sound solution (Heos Home Cinema), and a Heos amplifier (Heos AMP), can operate at the speakers of your choice (in-wall, floor standing speakers Rgallaltsprecher, outside speakers .. .). If you already have a stereo, you can integrate these via the preamplifier separately available (Heos Link) in the Heos system.Particularly well this goes at current Denon stereo and AV products, activated by using the Heos app, select the source and to adjust the volume. In the link to a sophisticated Denon home theater thus Heos is the best choice.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect

The Heos system has Spotify Connect. To use the full extent of Spotify and accessed directly from the Spotify app on your Heos devices. Of course you can then previously in the App Heos clustered spaces in Party Mode play or while playing music from Spotify, make other groupings in the Heos app.

Stereo Paring

Thanks audiophile synchronizing the combination of two Heos speakers same type creates a perfect stereo image without echo effect. Enjoy your music thus even in larger rooms with a perfect stereo image.

Free Bluetooth Adapter

You can via Bluetooth music on your HEOS system Play About the included complimentary USB Bluetooth adapter. Play thus music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, no matter which streaming service or app that you use.