Denon PMA-720AE Black מגבר סטריאו דנון

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Denon PMA-720AE רסיבר מגבר סטריאו דנון - שחור  

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Denon PMA-720AE

רסיבר מגבר סטריאו דנון – שחור


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Denon PMA-720AE – Integrated Stereo Amplifier with enhanced audio dynamics

Denon has put in the development of its decades of experience and created an integrated amplifier with high-quality components and sophisticated design for sonic excellence. The Denon PMA-720AE has an Advanced HC (High Current) Single Push-Pull Circuit for an optimal balance between musical detail and power. Experienced European sound engineers draw thereby responsible for the components used for sound optimization. For optimal ease of use is also a Denon CD player or network player can be comfortably controlled via the newly designed system remote control of the Denon PMA-720AE.

Broadband design to support high-quality audio sources

The tone control and the output stage of the Denon PMA-720AE has been designed to work together to secure a linear frequency response up to 100 kHz. These features and many more give the Denon PMA-720AE plenty of latitude to the dynamic range of high-definition sources such as Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio, Blu-ray or HD-audio files to play optimally.

Advanced High Current (AHC) Single Push-Pull Circuit for an optimal balance between performance and musical details

Advanced High Current (AHC) Single Push-Pull Circuit for an optimal balance between performance and musical details

The Denon PMA-720AE includes HC transistors with 2 to 3 times as high current capability as conventional transistors. Denon’s unique Advanced Single-push-pull circuit combines with the fully-discrete amplifier design for powerful sound in any situation and with any kind of music.

High-speed, high-performance power supply

The power supply of the Denon PMA-720AE uses a block capacitor, the Denon engineers have jointly developed with a renowned parts manufacturers. In addition, they have developed a Schottky diode which is suitable with their low internal resistance, and other parameters for optimal power and time-critical audio applications. This extremely stable power supply illustrates the expressive sound is produced by the Advanced High Current Single Push-Pull Circuit.

Mains transformer with separate power supply for audio circuits

Mains transformer with separate power supply for audio circuits

The Denon PMA-720AE microprocessor and the audio circuits have separate windings in the transformer in order to avoid mutual interference, and adverse influences on the audio signal. The Denon PMA-720AE also has a separate transformer to minimize power consumption when the amplifier is in standby mode.

Connection options

Connection options

Gold plated Phono (MM), CD, Tuner, Line (AUX), network player, recorder playback and an output for recording are available with the Denon PMA-720AE.

Preamp output (PRE OUT)

Preamp output (PRE OUT)

If you want to use external power amplifier or powered speakers, you can use this equipment as a preamplifier. Also, an external headphone amplifier can be connected to the Denon PMA-720AE.

High-quality speaker terminals

High-quality speaker terminals

The Denon PMA-720AE high quality speaker terminals allow connection via screw terminal or the use of banana plugs.

Bi-Wiring option

When connecting speakers with separate terminals for high and low frequencies interference between the treble and the bass can be minimized and thus a further sound enhancement can be achieved.

A / B speaker circuit

A / B speaker circuit

Instead of Bi-Wiring option and two speaker pairs can be connected. Thus, you can choose which speakers you want to play your music.

Assemble your PMA720AE for Hifi

The CD player DCD-720AE is the optically absolutely matched playing partner of the integrated amplifier Denon PMA-720AE. By Network player DNP-720AE, you can expand your system as much as features such as Airplay, DLNA streaming music, internet radio, FM and USB. For record lovers, Denon offers fully automatic turntable DP-300F in a matching color.


  • Environmentally friendly due to low energy consumption in stand-by
  • Auto Power Off
  • Remote controls also Denon CD players and network players
  • Denon PMA-720AE Panel layout has been optimized for ease of use

Simply good

  • Further improved sound quality with audiophile European sound tuning thanks to Advanced High Current Technology
  • Redesigned user-friendly remote control system (also for network and CD player)
  • Gold-plated RCA jacks
  • Advanced High Current Single Push-Pull Circuit
  • Newly developed rectifier circuit with high speed characteristics and high current capability
  • Main transformer with separate power supply
  • Microprocessor shutdown to enhance sound quality
  • Vibration-resistant construction with metal base plate
  • European Sound Tuning
  • Phono preamp (MM)
  • Aluminum front panel