Epson EH-TW5650 Full HD מקרן אפסון

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 המקרן נשלח לישראל גם אם רשום שלא, תוסיפו לסל ותתקדמו בתהליך

Epson EH-TW5650

Full HD מקרן אפסון


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Epson EH-TW5650 Full HD projector

3LCD Home Cinema Projector with 3D

The ideal projector for gamers, film lovers and sports fans who want to experience Full HD on the big screen at home. This product offers you features that you usually only find in high-end models – a simple to set up, high-resolution 2D and 3D image. In addition, this device also offers wireless functions.

  • Equal high white and color brightness * of 2,500 lumens for bright images
  • Lamp provides 11 years of entertainment **
  • Contrast ratio of 60,000: 1 for deep blacks
  • Easy setup by the vertical lens shift function, as well as manual horizontal and automatic vertical trapezoid correction
  • Simple connection of a mobile device with the iProjection App and the QR code function is possible.
  • Built-in 10W speaker

High quality, bright and vibrant images

This 3LCD projector delivers clear images in vivid colors. With full-HD images of up to 300 inches (762 cm), this full HD home cinema projector brings the cinema experience to your home. With a contrast ratio of 60,000: 1, he reproduces atmospheric scenes with razor-sharp shadow details and rich blacks. Nevertheless, the image remains clear, sharp, and fluid in action scenes through detail enhancement and frame interpolation (interframe computation).

Easy to set up

We believe that setting up a projector should be straightforward. That’s why you can simply set up our projectors virtually anywhere. The compact and lightweight EH-TW5650 is easily portable. In addition, the image can be easily adjusted thanks to vertical lens shift, 1.6x zoom and trapezoid correction.

User-friendly thanks to various functions

Thanks to its numerous functions, the EH-TW5650 can be easily operated. The two HDMI inputs (including one MHL interface) allow you to connect DVD players, game consoles and other devices to enjoy your favorite entertainment. With integrated Wi-Fi, you can control the projector from a smart device using the iProjection app. And with Miracast you can also share content over a wireless connection with Android devices.

Best entertainment – 11 years **

The EH-TW5650 can either be used in standard or energy saving mode. The “automatic lamp dimming” function analyzes the incoming signal and adjusts the brightness of the lamp accordingly to save power. With the EH-TW5650, you can enjoy a movie every day for 11 years (** based on a daily use to watch a movie – 105 min.

Why Epson? Brighter, more lively projections with Epson

Whiteness alone does not guarantee a life-like color. The 3LCD technology from the Epson projectors delivers the same high brightness and brightness – for vibrant, realistic images. Thanks to their 3LCD technology, Epson projectors have significantly higher color brilliance than DLP single-chip projectors. This results in up to three times brighter colors, resulting in more vibrant and realistic images.

* Based on data from the research institute npdgroup from June 2013 to May 2014.

No “rainbow effect”

In the case of 1-chip and LED projectors, the so-called rainbow effect can occur, a disturbing flickering in images with fast movements. Epson projectors, on the other hand, use the 3LCD technology, which guarantees liquid images and excludes a rainbow effect.

Epson 3LCD-Technology

The projection technology from Epson provides an excellent, detailed image with fine structure and deep black shades. Whether you’re looking for fast scenes in games and sports footage, or detailed images in movies, Epson’s 3LCD technology delivers consistent white and color clarity for clear, natural, and eye-catching images Texas Instruments Incorporated.

World market leader in the projector sector

Epson was again identified as the number 1 manufacturer of projectors by the market research company Futuresource Consulting Limited (survey conducted for the period 2001 to 2015). This result underscores the continued high adoption of Epson technology in the projector and imaging industry.

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