Gaggia Classic מכונת אספרסו גאג’יה קלאסיק

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Gaggia Classic מכונת אספרסו גאג'יה קלאסיק  

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Gaggia Classic

מכונת אספרסו גאג’יה קלאסיק


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Gaggia Classic RI9403/11 Coffee machine

The Gaggia Classic Light RI9403 / 11 is the perfect combination of tradition, quality and coffee results thanks to its semi-professional portafilter. The stainless steel case emphasizes the high quality and timeless design.

1050 watts of power and 15 bar pump pressure guarantee optimal crema. The large, removable water tank holds a volume of 2.1 liters. Within seconds, the classic milk frother delivers delicious milk froth for Italian coffee specialties such as cappuccino or latte macchiato. Of course he also supplies hot water for tea. Thanks to the stand-by function, you save energy: after 9 minutes, the device automatically switches to stand-by mode.

Enjoy home-made Italian espresso culture

Espresso tradition since 1938 – a portafilter is a way of life. For decades, Gaggia, the first mass-produced espresso machine for home use, stands for pure Italian espresso enjoyment. Elegant details and first-class surfaces define the overall picture. High-quality technology and unusual design highlights bring perfect espresso pleasure to your home. With its timeless design, the Gaggia Classic is the perfect combination of tradition and quality.

Best materials

For our devices, durable, stainless steel is processed. And that makes a good impression not only in the kitchen, but is easy to clean and maintain and also promises the highest coffee enjoyment.

Professional filter holder

The high-quality chrome-plated filter of the Gaggia filter holder is also used in professional espresso machines. Because only this one offers a constant coffee temperature and the true Barista experience.

Perfect pressure

The 15 bar pressure of your Gaggia portafilter ensures the authentic espresso taste.

Pannarello for the milk foam preparation

Prepare your delicious coffees with milk in the traditional way. Dip the hot water / steam nozzle into the milk and slowly stir it with circular motions until the milk foam reaches the desired consistency.

Passively heated cup shelf

On the stainless steel cup shelf, you can preheat cups and glasses so that the aroma can develop even better and the crema retains its strength.

More individuality

Thanks to the two filter cartridges, you can easily choose between ground coffee and the Easy Serving Pads (ESE) – according to your preferences.