Garmin vívosmart HR צמיד כושר גרמין

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Garmin vívosmart HR צמיד כושר גרמין  

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Garmin vívosmart HR

צמיד כושר גרמין


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Garmin vívosmart HR צמיד כושר גרמין

Smart Activity Tracker with Wrist-based Heart Rate

  • Sleek band is comfortable to wear all day, and the always-on display shows your stats, even in sunlight
  • Displays steps, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed and activity intensity
  • Receive text, call, email, calendar and social media alerts
  • Control your music and your VIRB action camera (sold separately) all from your wrist
  • Reminds you to stay active with move bar and vibration alert

In addition to measuring steps, calories and distance, Garmin vívosmart HR measures floors climbed with its integrated barometric altimeter. Whether you’re going for a jog or trying out a new boot camp class, it measures your activity intensity with intensity minutes. This feature lets you monitor your progress against activity goals recommended by health organizations such as the American Heart Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Heart Rate Training

Monitor your all day heart rate without needing a chest strap, using Garmin’s Elevate wrist heart rate technology. It helps you gauge your effort for cardio workouts and because it’s tracking your heart rate provides more accurate calories burned information.

Taking the stairs is harder, Garmin vívosmart HR will track that extra effort thanks to an integrated barometric altimeter. It will also measure activity intensity through Intensity Minutes, so users can then monitor their progress against weekly goals.

Garmin Connect

Garmin vívosmart HR automatically syncs with your smartphone throughout the day to save your stats to our free online community. Simply download Garmin Connect Mobile to your phone or log on to Garmin Connect via your desktop, where you can save, plan and share your activity and beat yesterday in your daily step count. Connect with other users to challenge and compete. For detailed calorie tracking, you can create an account at MyFitnessPal and link it to your Garmin Connect account. This allows you to compare calories consumed to total calories burned, which Garmin vívosmart HR records throughout the day.

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