Grohe 32257002 ברז נשלף למטבח גרואה

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Grohe 32257002 ברז נשלף למטבח גרואה  

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

Grohe 32257002

ברז נשלף למטבח גרואה


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GROHE 32257002 Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Kitchen Tap with Pull-Down Shower Head

Grohe Eurodisc Cosmopolitan for sophisticated cooks

After the preparation of an exquisite menu, pans and pans are stacked in the kitchen, the extractable rinsing spray of this kitchen fitting is used: it provides you with the necessary freedom of movement for cleaning all cooking utensils and the entire rinsing area. For even more flexibility, the outlet with a pivot range of 100 ° as well as the easy operation of the single hand mixer with Grohe SilkMove ensure. Thanks to the quick-assembly system, the fitting is installed in a twist and the design is also designed to meet the requirements of professional hobby cooks. Elegant shapes present with a reflective Grohe StarLight chrome finish and give your kitchen long-lasting shine.

  • Grohe StarLight finish
  • Grohe SilkMove for ultimate ease of use

Grohe StarLight

Simply wipe the fitting with a dry cloth – the particularly smooth surface guarantees a radiant result and is also insensitive to scratching. This means for you: you save time with the housework and always have a fitting that looks like new.

Swivel spout

The outlet of this fitting is flexibly pivotable and offers maximum comfort with minimal effort. For example, Eg when switching between two pools.

Grohe SilkMove

Adjust the temperature and water infinitely: the high quality interior life of the fitting allows you to move the lever very easily, even after years of use.

Quick assembly system

Install this fitting by hand. The quick assembly system comes with only a few parts and is very easy to use. Flexible connecting hoses and the clear instructions help you to fit your new fitting effortlessly.

Removable mousseur

If you prefer the architecturally sophisticated look of the L- and U-shaped spouts, but still want to enjoy the functionality of a pull-out shower, then choose one of our kitchen fittings with pull-out mousseur. The armature spout is divided either at the end or in the middle (depending on the design) so that the end can be pulled out. If the pull-out mousseur is not used, this practical feature is invisible on the fitting.

When do I need a high-pressure fitting?

For fittings, one differentiates between high-pressure and low-pressure variants. In most households, you will find high-pressure fittings, which are connected to a direct hot water line. The water is thereby heated centrally or with the aid of a continuous-flow heater. If you have already connected an old valve, check whether two hoses are connected from the valve to the two corner valves in the wall. In this case, please order a high-pressure or classic valve variant.

When do I need a low pressure fitting?

Low pressure fittings are necessary when you heat your hot water with the help of a boiler or water heater. As shown in the picture, you usually see this over a small box below the washbasin. In addition, low pressure fittings have three connections, two of which are connected to the boiler and one to the cold water connection or angle valve in the wall. Please check the type of installation before ordering.

Storm window assembly

If the sink is located under a window, there are usually problems because the fitting protrudes too far and hinders opening. In this case, kitchen fittings for pre-mounting can be considered. These can be simply unscrewed when the kitchen window is to be opened. The functions of the pre-window variant do not differ from other fittings.