InSinkErator Evolution 200 טוחן אשפה

הטוחן לא נשלח לארץ בשלב זה

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לא נשלח לארץ

הטוחן לא נשלח לארץ בשלב זה

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InSinkErator Evolution 200

טוחן אשפה


מחיר טוחן האשפה בארץ

לכל קטגוריית המטבח


 EVOLUTION טוחן אשפה תוצרת ארה”ב מסדרת

HEAVY DUTY מבצע 3 שלבי טחינה – מנוע

בעל מערכת איטום רעשים המאפשרת עבודה שקטה במיוחד של הטוחן

מנוע בהספק של 0.75 כוחות סוס

תא טחינה בנפח של 1,180 מ”ל

מתאים למתח החשמלי בישראל 220 וולט

InSinkErator Evolution 200 Description

In-Sink-Erator Evolution 200 Continuous Feed Kitchen Waste Disposer (Three Stage Grind Technology, Built-In Air Switch, 0.75 HP)

InSinkErator Evolution 200 is the ultimate in waste disposal units, and is at the top of the range at Insinkerator.ÿ

Its the most quiet and most powerful waste disposal unit available

InSinkErator Evolution 200 features three-stage evolution grind technology that will grind any sort of food waste into the very finest grind.ÿ

InSinkErator Evolution 200 is a 60% quieter than the standard range.

The Insinkerator waste disposal unit is a convenient and hygienic solution to dispose of your kitchen food waste.ÿ

No more messy & smelly bins, and no need to empty your bin so often. The Insinkerator waste disposal bones, vegetable scraps, fruit pits, nut shells and many more.ÿ

With no knives or blades, the Insinkerator is safe and easy to use

The food waste is pressed against a grind plate.

Features and Benefits:

60% quieter than standard.

Three stage Evolution grind technology.

Power booster circuit increase to the most difficult of grinds.

Superior stainless steel grinder.

Stainless steel basket waste.

Extra large 1180ml grind chamber.

Auto reverse action for extended product life and trouble free operation.

Built-in air switch.

0.75 hp.

6 year parts & labor warranty

Product description

As the top model of the series, InSinkErator Evolution 200 offers a three-stage, absolutely quiet grinding technology. It is the most powerful and quietest model in our range. The question of what you can crush and what does not, does not matter … InSinkErator Evolution 200 handles all sorts of kitchen waste.

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