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JBL Control One

רמקולים חיצוניים לגינה ג’יי בי אל – שחור


מחיר הרמקולים בארץ

שימו לב שהרמקולים מיועדים גם לבחוץ, אבל לא תחת כיפת השמיים אלא תחת מכסה כלשהו

JBL Control One black

High Performance Compact speakers for almost all applications

JBL Control ONE. The compact 2-way design of the JBL Professional tradition which monitors the Control Series bring true studio sound to places where previously only played cassette recorder. The Control One (available in black or silver) is often copied, but never reached the original all versatile and durable monitor speakers. Whether for music playback or movie sound – the simple and timeless housing these loudspeakers are over 60 years the combined expertise of the development laboratories of JBL. The Control ONE loudspeakers from JBL can be set up anywhere and operate – in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage or on the porch. Or they simply adds an existing surround system.

JBL Control ONE at a glance:

  • 2-way monitor speakers in Compact Design
  • an incredible number of applications, will also find there like a “normal” speakers not apply
  • magnetically shielded, can also next to a monitor / TV can be placed
  • waterproof, for installation in humid scrapers or externally (to direct it to become wet)
  • Overload protection virtually indestructible for the tweeter in the crossover, characterized
  • extremely robust plastic housing, metal mesh cover, shock absorbing rubber buffer on the housing
  • high loads, up to 200 watts max. for Partysound without end (50 watts RMS)
  • 12 mm titanlaminierter tweeter for precise reproduction (magnetically shielded)
  • 100 mm Central woofer of heavy duty polypropylene (magnetically shielded)
  • Frequency range 50 – 20,000 Hz (± 3dB)
  • Efficiency 89dB (1W / 1m)
  • Impedance 8 ohms
  • Dimensions 228x155x139 mm (HxWxD)
  • included Tilting wall mounts included

establish and operate everywhere

The JBL Control ONE solves all installation problems easily. Thanks to the extremely compact dimensions, the JBL Control ONE fits the smallest shelf, sounding quite large. With the supplied brackets, you can mount the speakers on the wall and align it with the listener. The adverse conditions in the bathroom or kitchen, where many other speakers have to give up, are not a problem for the JBL Control ONE. The housing is splashproof and the membrane materials are selected that steam or moisture does not affect the functionality. Even the outdoor use is possible if the speaker is exposed to direct moisture / rain (eg under mounting a projection). The housing is designed for tough professional use, and is so robust that small shocks can the speaker harm.

Outstanding sound quality

Studio monitors offer sound quality as audio professionals – musicians, recording artists and sound engineers at the mixing console – need to hear. Which manufacturer is probably the most prestigious in the field of studio monitors? You guessed it. The JBL Control ONE was originally designed for the harshest applications in the professional sector. And that you can admire every day over and over again. Clear and (if desired) remains the loud sound but always controlled and undistorted. Thus even in the hardest-party applications can not go wrong, the JBL Control ONE is equipped in the crossover with an overload protection in the form of a tubular lamp. It prevents from a certain level, a further increase in the volume, even if is turned further to the amplifier. This circuit prevents overloading of the speaker which could cause damage to the tweeter. (You can recognize the use of overload protection when a glimmer of light appears in the bass reflex tunnel) To also under the toughest operating conditions for many years of happy JBL sound.

Precision in every detail

The big picture is always derived from the sum of many small details. Choosing the right materials for different speaker drivers, powerful magnets as a real drive, an effective crossover that provides the perfect transition between the high and midrange and a housing permitting no unwanted resonances. But that is not all. When JBL Control ONE still swapping in a precisely calculated bass reflex tube that supports the bass reproduction from the compact housing. The radiation of the bass reflex tube is directed forward so that the JBL Control ONE can also be close to the wall placed. The interplay of all components with the JBL Control ONE a speaker arose, above all things, despite the compact dimensions in its class. There are many imitations, but only a true JBL Control ONE. Among connoisseurs the JBL Control ONE already is legendary and is one of the best-selling speakers ever.Why settle for less?

Legendary JBL® sound

Even if you yet did not JBL® product call your own, you will have probably heard the JBL sound. If it sounds loud and precise in stadiums, sports arenas and concert stages of the world, when the spark of the music skips to you and excited, then you will be the big JBL speaker arrays noticed safely. JBL sound surrounds you in literally in about 50 percent of all theaters worldwide, including many THX®-certified installations (a standard have the JBL engineers already in 1983 developed). It is quite possible that many of your favorite songs, and the music and sound effects of your favorite film on JBL studio monitor speakers were mixed and mastered – because they are the first choice for sound engineers for more than 60 years. But you need your home no longer even leave this legendary JBL sound to enjoy. In modern JBL home speakers, see the same advanced technologies, materials and production techniques that were originally developed for our professional systems. They are meanwhile available in the lightweight and portable JBL speaker systems included for you and your friends can enjoy the best sound throughout.


JBL Control ONE speaker pair, 1 pair of swiveling wall brackets, 1 pair of wire ropes (second backup).