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JURA E6 Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Platinum

The E6 from JURA revolutionises the enjoyment of coffee in every aspect. The espresso brewing process has been perfected with the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), the only process of this kind in the world. Developed by JURA, it optimises the extraction time and guarantees the very best aroma even for short speciality coffees. The JURA E6 truly evokes a pure passion for coffee, and with its stylish design it compliments any modern kitchen.

Outstanding coffees at the touch of a button

With 7 specialities to choose from it is easier than ever to enjoy the ideal cappuccino, latte macchiato or espresso with just the touch of a button. The E6 expertly prepares your drink without having to assist or move the cup. The thermoblock heating system efficiently prepares water and steam creating the ideal brewing conditions for your coffee and milk specialities. Use the hot water outlet to turn a coffee into an americano or make a glorious cup of tea.

The cappuccino spout effortlessly adjusts to suit glasses or cups up to 113 mm tall. An aroma protection lid keeps up to 280 g of coffee beans fresh to preserve all the delicious flavours and aroma. A removable 1.9 L water tank features on the JURA E6, within which the new CLARIS Smart water filter can be installed. The CLARIS cartridge filters the water before each preparation, removing impurities and improving the quality of the water for a perfect cup of coffee. 98% of coffee is water, the better the quality of the water, the purer and less adulterated the aroma. Once the filter has been used to its maximum, the coffee machine will cleverly prompt you to replace it to keep your coffees perfectly pure and fresh.

Wireless technology has continued to grow within JURA, now the E6 can communicate wirelessly with the JURA Cool Control Wireless (sold separately), which continuously monitors the milk level and displays a prompt on the colour display when insufficient milk is available for the next drink. The JURA Cool Control accessory keeps fresh milk refrigerated at 4°C, ready for preparation at any time.

  • Easy to use – one touch operation
  • Compatible with JURA Smart Connect
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)
  • 7 individually programmable specialities
  • 3″ Colour Display
  • To be used with coffee beans
  • Grinder now twice as fast and even quieter
  • Ingenious height-adjustable dual spout
  • Integrated state-of-the art milk foam technology
  • Intelligent energy efficiency
  • Compatible with JURA Smart Connect
  • Removable water tank for easy refilling

The perfect serve (P.E.P)

Producing exceptional coffee requires exceptional innovation. The JURA E6 incorporates a process which ensures the optimum extraction time by pulsing the hot water through the ground coffee. This technology is called the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) and was developed by JURA. This innovation allows the flavours to fully unfold and thereby delivers a superior ristretto or espresso.

The result is a barista quality coffee, and with eight different intensity levels, coffee lovers can customise their coffee just the way they like it. Revolutionary new technology like P.E.P is the only process of its kind in the world and one way the JURA E6 is offering 100% coffee enjoyment and satisfaction.

JURA Smart Connect

Controlling the E6 automatic coffee machine via a smartphone or tablet is now possible thanks to new JURA technology. The “JURA Smart Connect” accessory (sold separately) uses Bluetooth communication to connect the machine to compatible devices allowing you to wirelessly operate and program the machine.

Use the JURA Coffee app to adjust your favourite drinks exactly to your taste using your smartphone or tablet without affecting settings on the coffee machine. Adjust the coffee strength and volumes of coffee, steamed milk and milk foam. To prepare your favourite speciality, simply touch your preferred drink on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the show.

Crowning Perfection

Enjoy milky specialities such as latte macchiato and cappuccino topped with a luxurious milk foam every time. The integrated milk frother features JURA’s fine foam technology, which produces feather light milk foam, creating a feast for the eyes and taste to desire.

User Friendly Display

For those who like to make their favourite coffee quickly, the E6 is ideal. The buttons for the espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam functions are all positioned on the front for maximum convenience. The E6 can even prepare two espressi or coffees at the same time. Thanks to the modern TFT colour display, operating the machine is self-explanatory.

Optimal Ground Coffee

By perfecting the cutting angle inside the grinding cone of the Aroma+ grinder, JURA has managed to increase the efficiency of the E6 significantly. The result is that coffee beans are ground in half the time without heating the coffee, preserving all the delicate flavours and aroma. So now coffee lovers can enjoy pure coffee indulgence with less preparation time.