Lelit PL042EM מכונת קפה ללית

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Lelit PL042EM מכונת קפה ללית  

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

Lelit PL042EM

מכונת קפה ללית


מחיר מכונת הקפה בארץ

לכל קטגוריית מכונות הקפה


Lelit PL042EM An espresso like at the bar

Rediscover the full taste of coffee

Lelit coffee machines are designed and manufactured in Italy using the technologies and components of professional bar machines

A careful selection of materials and components

  • Stainless steel body
  • 250 ml brass boiler
  • 57 mm filter
  • 3-way solenoid valve
  • Pump 15 bar
  • 1000 W boiler resistance


Choose the mixture, grind it to the right degree of finesse, press the coffee in the filter well and savor your masterpiece.

Like an alchemy

There is a bit of magic and creativity in preparing a great Espresso. You need an excellent balance between water temperature, powder pressing, degree of grinding and quality of the mixture.

With the tools supplied to the Lelit machines it’s all in your hands: you can manage the parameters and refine the art of espresso, just like a real barista.

Soft and creamy cappuccinos

Prepare an espresso in a large cup.

Pour the whole milk into a briquette, open the steam of your Lelit machine and whisk the milk. Slide it with circular movements into the cup with your espresso and the cappuccino is ready

Made in Italy

All Lelit machines are designed and manufactured in Italy using professional bar technology and components. By buying one of our machines you will take home a product designed for true Espresso lovers.

For a sustainable world

Sustainability is a goal in which we believe and which directs our investments.

All the electricity used is self-produced from renewable sources.

The materials are chosen to be easily recyclable to make the best and to consume little. Our coffee machines do not use capsules and therefore do not produce waste that is difficult to dispose of.