Marshall Monitor Over Ear אזניות מרשל

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Marshall Monitor Over Ear אזניות מרשל  

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Marshall Monitor Over Ear

אזניות מרשל


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Marshall Monitor Headphones and their Heritage

In 1962 in a small shop in Hanwell, London, drummer Jim Marshall started building and selling guitar amps on request from young guitarists Pete Townshend and Richie Blackmore. The Marshall sound was born.

Marshall is no longer just about amplifiers. With over 50 years of experience in the music industry, the iconic brand, which has been associated with legends such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, is widely renowned all around the globe and has proven to be as timeless as its products as it continues to grow and flourish.

The Marshall Monitor

The equivalent of a hi-fi strapped to your ears, but in a much smaller package, the Marshall Monitor flawlessly represents the power and strength traditionally associated with the Marshall sound. They are sprinkled with just enough of the classic Marshall style to keep die-hard traditionalists happy whilst proving capable of turning heads on the modern streets.

Possessing a powerful custom made 40mm dynamic driver, the Marshall Monitor is certainly no wall flower. Engineered to produce the richest, big and bold sounds direct to your ears the Monitor’s audio reproduction is of studio quality, drawing you deep into the hidden complexities of each track with breath-taking intensity. Marshall Monitor Bringing the big stage to individual listeners through deep bass, extended highs and well-balanced mids, simply choose your music and be whisked away to your own personalised performance.

Thinking Outside the Box

Marshall Monitor doesn’t need fancy, over the top packaging. The reputation of the brand speaks for itself. That’s why they have kept things simple but stylish, packing each pair of headphones in a cardboard box which clearly details contents and features.

Simplicity is also a core focus of the product itself. With the Marshall Monitor excellent sound quality and robust durability, Marshall Monitor Headphones have no need to hide behind flamboyant casing or garish colours. Marshall Monitor headphones keep close to the classic Marshall colour scheme featuring in black with brass accents with the addition of a few distinctive Marshall finishing touches, such as the signature white Marshall logo on the earcups and black vinyl leather headband.

Superior Noise Isolation Minus the Bulk

Some days the dreary chug-chug of the train on the daily commute or the monotone drone of people chatting in a crowded place really get you down. Marshall Monitor allow you to shut out the world around you and enclose yourself in your own isolating, super sound bubble with a slender over ear construction. Cutting back on bulk, this lightweight design sits comfortably on your ears to keep your music in whilst keeping distracting ambient sounds out. Plump ear cushions bear the little weight that exists to create long-wearing comfort for long days or nights of listening.

Though designed to endure, the robust body of the Marshall Monitor causes little compromise in terms of its portability. Duty cast metal hinges allow the headphones to be fully collapsed and fit within the included canvas carrying pouch for easy transportation and storage on the go.

F.T.F System

How you listen to and enjoy your music is a very personal thing. No two track or listeners are the same and they shouldn’t be treated as such. The Marshall monitor allows you to personalise and adapt your sound experience to your own individual needs via the integrated F.T.F inserts.

Tucked away behind each of the removable ear cushion, the F.T.F inserts can be kept in for a sound that’s laidback and warm and taken out for more intense, high impact sounds with emphasis on those dramatic highs. However you like your music, the Marshall Monitor can provide.

In-Line Mic and Remote

Marshall Monitor With recent advancements in technology, most portable music players are now also mobile phones. Therefore, to keep up-to-date with consumer needs it was only natural that Marshall should choose to include an in-line microphone and remote with their headphones. Offering the option of being positioned on either your left or right side using the detachable coil cord, the microphone is compatible with all 3.5mm unprotected standard plugs for convenient clear communication on the run. A single click of the one-button remote allows you to quickly switch between music and an incoming call as well as pausing play or skipping tracks.

Tangle Resistant Coiled Cord

When you feel the urge to listen to your tunes you don’t want to have to spend ages undoing a whole bunch of knots in your headphone cable beforehand. The coiled resistant cord of the Marshall Monitor extends and contracts with your movements, springing back into tight coils when not in use to prevent slack cable and the irritating tangles that come with it. In addition, the cord is fully detachable, allowing you to position it on the side that is most comfortable for wear whilst a friend plugs into your tunes via the vacant socket on the opposite ear cup.

Box Contains

1 x Pair of Monitor over-ear headphones
1 x Coil cord
1 Sound filter
1 x Storage pouch