Melitta Caffeo Gourmet מכונת קפה מליטה

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המחיר לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד - להסבר לחצו כאן

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חסר במלאי

המחיר לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד – להסבר לחצו כאן

חסר במלאי

המחיר תקף לאחר הנחת קופון של 25 פאונד

Melitta Caffeo Gourmet

מכונת קפה מליטה


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Melitta Gourmet – Four Generations of Coffee Expertise

For true connoisseurs

Would you like espresso or cappuccino all the time–at just the touch of a button? That’s exactly what you get with the Melitta Caffeo Gourmet E965-101.

My Coffee memory stores up to four individual preferences. Intelligent automatic grinder, flow control dial, choice of coffee strengths, easily programmable brew temperatures and an easy to use removable milk system for hot milk or creamy froth all add up to a consistent, simple and enjoyable coffee experience.

Optimal Coffee

Real ground coffee at the touch of a button from a low-maintenance machine. Pre-brew function injects water into the coffee as it grinds, maximising the flavour. Passive cup warmer means you can gently heat your cup before making your coffee.

Sophisticated Functions but Simple Care

The removable water tank has a safety sensor so the machine won’t work without water. The convenient height-adjustable spout (up to 13.5 cm) lets you make two cups at the same time. Automatic cleaning and de-scaling is quick, no fuss, push-button easy. Rinse the removable brewing unit under the tap and just wipe down the easy-clean surfaces.

Sustainable Production and Sophisticated Technology

Featuring environmentally conscious, energy efficient LED lights. Programmable automatic stand-by or complete ‘off’ switch for 0 watt consumption. Adjustable energy saving mode.

  • Memory for up to four individual preferences
  • Intelligent automatic grinder
  • Programmable
  • Removable milk frothing system
  • Safety sensor
  • Height adjustable spout
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Environmentally conscious and energy efficient LED lights
  • Energy saving mode or ‘off’ switch for 0 watt consumption
  • 1400 watts