Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk מכונת קפה מליטה סולו + מקציף

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Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk

מכונת קפה מליטה סולו + מקציף


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Melitta SOLO & Perfect Milk

Coffee tradition in the 4th generation

Coffee taste can be so tasteful, light and uncomplicated

Excellent coffee pleasure combined with creamy milk foam. It does not matter if you like the aroma of freshly ground beans pure and strong or prefer the creamy pleasure of coffee and milk froth. From espresso to the perfect latte macchiato, an aromatic pleasure experience.

Perfect cappuccino

The Cappuccinatore, an attachment for the steam nozzle with removable hose, conjures creamy milk foam, warm milk or water in no time. Ideal for all connoisseurs who, in addition to good coffee and espresso, also love the taste of fresh milk foam coffee specialties.

Individually adjustable coffee taste

The strength, the brewing temperature and also the degree of grinding of the coffee can be set at the touch of a button according to personal taste. For those who like to have a cup of tea, the Cuppuccinatoretüse has an extra setting for hot water. The coffee spout is height-adjustable and offers space to fill two small to extra large cups or glasses with fragrant coffee at the same time. This keeps the coffee warm longer: cold cups can be passively warmed up on the cup tray.

Automatic and easy cleaning

Automatic cleaning, descaling and rinsing program. Individually adjustable water hardness using the supplied test strip. Simply cleaned: with a few simple steps, the cappuccinatore is taken apart. The attachment and hose can be easily and thoroughly rinsed with running water and are ready for use again. Optimal and easy cleaning under running water of the brewing unit. Easy to clean surfaces and materials, such as drip tray and pomace containers.

  • The Melitta group of companies based in Minden is a successful manufacturer and innovative developer of filter paper, filter coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines. The inventor of the first coffee filter, Melitta Bentz, founded the company Melitta in 1908
  • The passion for coffee and the identification of the employees with the Melitta products are a quality that the group is particularly proud of, which is constantly promoted and expanded. The globally operating family business “makes coffee a pleasure”

Your benefits at a glance:

Individual coffee preparation, milk froth nozzle with hose, energy-saving function

  • Compact design
  • 1 chamber bean container (120 g)
  • Coffee strength 3-stage adjustable
  • Automatic grinding quantity regulation
  • Brewing temperature adjustable in 3 steps
  • Removable 1.2 l water tank (compatible for use with a water filter)
  • Automatic cleaning programs
  • LED symbol display
  • 15 bar

Puristic design

The Caffeo Solo & Milk cuts a good figure everywhere. This is ensured by the compact dimensions and elegant details such as chrome-plated elements (height-adjustable coffee spout, rotary control, on / off switch) as well as high-gloss surfaces and the device version in silver / black or black. 20 cm wide, 32.5 cm high, 45.5 cm deep – the Caffeo Solo is one of the smallest coffee machines in the world. And yet offers enough space for high-quality technology.

Individual coffee reference

Indulgence without compromise – choose your coffee strength and temperature: The coffee strength is 3-stage from mild to strong with the “bean button” selectable. With a single twist, adjust the amount of water (30-220 ml) to the preferred cup size.

Airy milk foam

After the café crème or espresso cover simply froth milk or heat with the high-quality cappuccinatore. Immerse the outgoing tube in the milk carton or bottle, select between frothing or heating with a knob and open the steam valve. Finished is the child-friendly prepared cappuccino.

Power-saving features

When the 0 watt switch is pressed, the Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk disconnects from the mains. Your personal settings are of course preserved. This On / Off function is also programmable (1, 2, 4, 8 hours) so that the device is automatically disconnected from the mains at the desired time. Adjustable power saving mode after 5, 15, 30 minutes. No unnecessary energy consumption, by displaying the time of descaling (the higher the limestone layer, the more energy is consumed).

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