Onkyo A-9030 silver מגבר סטריאו אונקיו

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המחיר תקף במשלוח אקספרס

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המחיר תקף במשלוח אקספרס

Onkyo A-9030

מגבר סטריאו אונקיו – כסוף


מחיר המגבר בארץ


Onkyo A-9030 silver


Onkyo has developed the WRAT suite to optimize the clarity and fullness enhanced audio signals. The technologies reduce noise over the entire frequency range and guarantee a clear, balanced and natural sound. This is achieved through the use of an amplifier design with low negative feedback, which preserves the sound quality of the original recording.Furthermore, “closed” ground loops are used to prevent noise of the individual circuits. Thanks to the short current rise time the reflex energy of the loudspeaker can be neutralized.

Onkyo RI

The RI-System Onkyo lets you control multiple RI-compatible audio components through a single remote control. At the back of the Onkyo A-9030 to about RI ports other devices (such as CD player or tuner) can be connected. So you can control your hi-fi equipment with just one remote control. The RISystemsteuerung can also be used when the RIDockingstation Onkyo is connected to the iPod to another device. Here are the functions system on/off, automatic switching and automatic selection available.


From the warm, subtle tones of a cello to the low frequencies of electronic music – a good amplifier should make for a powerful bass sound without distortion. Some amplifiers are susceptible to the effects of phase shift, whereby medium frequencies are affected and the listening experience is significantly diminished. Our Onkyo A-9030 technology for the in-phase bass boost makes for sound purity in the medium frequency range so that singing and string instruments come fully expressed. At the same time a uniform, natural bass response is achieved at every level.

  • WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) for natural sound
  • Onkyo A-9030 Innovative three-stage amplifier circuit bring your music to life
  • Optimum Gain Volume Control for undistorted sound
  • Phase Same Bass Boost for a deeper bass sound and sound clarity
  • Included: User manual, power cord, remote control, AAA (R03) batteries x 2