Onkyo R-N855 black Stereo רסיבר סטריאו אונקיו

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Onkyo R-N855

רסיבר סטריאו אונקיו – שחור

דגמי 2016


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Onkyo R-N855 black Stereo Receiver

High-performance digital amplifier with advanced network function, which is the key of INTEC , The Onkyo R-N855 is a high – performance digital amplifier that adopted Onkyo ‘s unique amplifier technology’ VL Digital ‘to achieve the original purpose of the amplifier that drives the speaker at will. At the same time, it is a network receiver that introduced the latest technology so that anyone can enjoy the latest network environment and high-resolution high resolution sound source easily.

The AK4490 is adopted as the DAC, and distortion of the digital signal is suppressed, and highly accurate D/A conversion is realized. High resolution sound source supports WAV and FLAC 192 kHz / 24 bit, as well as native playback of DSD 5.6 MHz / 11.2 MHz. Compatible with Google Cast ™ and Radiko Premium, you can listen to TV programs from domestic and international broadcasting stations. It corresponds to a free application that realizes intuitive operation by smartphone, realizing easy operation. In addition, it supports * e – onkyo downloader * and you can enjoy high reso – ra easily because you can download the high – res sound source purchased with smartphone directly to the connected HDD (optional) without going through the PC. Since the Phono terminal is also equipped, you can enjoy an analog turntable (sold separately) to record.

Leverage the advantages of digital amplifiers ‘VL Digital’

Large EI transformer for realizing stable power supply

‘VLSC’ to suppress noise inherent in digital equipment

DAC AK 4490 which realizes high precision D / A conversion

Compatible with a variety of high reso formats

Equipped with Phono terminal

You can move music files from Windows PC while HDD is connected ※ 4

Remote control (RC-925S), FM indoor antenna, power cord included

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