Onkyo TX-L50 black רסיבר סטריאו אונקיו

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למרות שמופיע שהמוצר לא נשלח לישראל, הוסיפו לסל, המוצר נשלח

Onkyo TX-L50

רסיבר סטריאו אונקיו – שחור


דגמי 2016


מחיר הרסיבר בארץ

Onkyo TX-L50 black Stereo Receiver

The smart solution for hassle-free surround sound Raumfüllender surround sound without bulky conditioning – this dream is available with Onkyo TX-L50. The compact receiver integrates seamlessly into living areas and eliminates the cable mess as all media devices from a single HDMI cable to your TV. You can also stream music on your smartphone apps. Thanks to the Onkyo TX-L50 dynamic 6 Channel Amplifier will always be a rich and pure sound quality achieved – TV shows or classic LPs. The Onkyo TX-L50 intuitive operation ensures that you can sit back and immerse into a magical theatre experience within seconds.

The Onkyo TX-L50 Slim real authentic AV receiver that combines installability and quality at a high level. By adopting a high efficiency Class D amplifier and high sound quality parts, in addition to high sound quality reproduction by 80 W × 6 ch high power, it realizes a slim body with a thickness of 70 mm. By adopting a round design that is easy to match even in various living spaces, the Onkyo TX-L50 has a soft, calm atmosphere and it has the affinity for interior and the goodness of installability easy to store also in TV rack.

Adopted a Class D amplifier that combines high efficiency and high power

Selection of high-quality parts such as Onkyo custom condenser used

Onkyo TX-L50 is equipped with AccuEQ which can set automatic speaker with the included measuring microphone

HDMI terminal input 4/1 output (compliant with HDCP 2.2)

HDR adopted by Ultra HD Blu-ray, BT.2020

DSD (5.6 MHz / 2.8 MHz), WAV · FLAC · Apple Lossless · AIFF (192 kHz / 24 bit) High Resolution

Dual band Wi-Fi with little interference (5.6 GHz / 2.4 GHz)

Supported with Bluetooth® wireless technology Wireless playback of smartphone sound source

PHONO terminal to which an analog player can be connected (MM cartridge compatible)

Virtual surround function that allows surround playback only with front speakers Theater-Dimensional

Adjust the volume width to make it easy to listen even during low volume play Late night function (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD only)

Music Optimizer to enjoy compressed sound source with better sound

Cinema filter function to correct movie sound according to playing at home

A/V sync control function to compensate for mismatch between audio and video