Philips 3000 Series מכונת אספרסו פיליפס


Philips 3000 Series מכונת קפה/אספרסו פיליפס  

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

Philips 3000 Series

מכונת קפה/אספרסו פיליפס


לכל קטגוריית מכונות הקפה

Philips 3000 Serie Coffee Machine

With the large capacity and compact design of the Philips 3000 series, enjoy espresso and fresh bean coffee at the touch of a button. Anyone who prefers to shake hands when it comes to milk foam will find the authentic alternative in the Pannarello version with its classic milk frother. The smell of freshly ground beans and the essence of delicious coffee, paired with creamy milk foam – a feast for the senses.

Together with the AromaPlus feature for extra-strong coffee drinks and adjustable grind granularity of the disc grinder made of 100% ceramic, the Philips 3000 is a practical all-rounder.


  • Classic milk frother
  • Settings: capacity, coffee strength
  • Power: 1850 watts
  • Ceramic disc grinder, 5-stage adjustable
  • Fast heating instantaneous water heater
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling

Classic milk frother

The classic milk frother, which Baristas also call Pannarello, emits steam, with which you can easily prepare creamy milk froth for your cappuccino. Discover the barista while preparing delectable dairy specialties in a traditional way.

Aroma Plus Function

Are you in the mood for a stronger coffee? Press the Aroma Plus button and instantly enjoy a stronger espresso, coffee and cappuccino. The machine increases the amount of ground coffee so you can get the right caffeine kick with delicious coffee.

Grinder made of 100% ceramic

Say goodbye to the taste of burned coffee thanks to our 100% ceramics grinder, which has been designed to keep the beans from overheating. The ceramic material ensures long-lasting performance and quiet operation.

Espresso and coffee at the touch of a button

You can enjoy a perfectly prepared espresso and coffee from freshly ground beans straight from the cup. Just put a cup under the spout, press a button, and wait for a few seconds. Thanks to dual function you can also prepare two cups of coffee at the same time.

Height-adjustable coffee spout

The coffee spout can be adjusted to heights between 11.2 and 15.2 cm: perfect for your favorite cup.

Fully removable brew group

The brewing group is the heart of every coffee machine and should be cleaned once a week. It is easily accessible from the side and can be removed with one movement and cleaned under running water.

Automatic cleaning and descaling

This espresso machine is designed to automatically clean the coffee circuit with water when it is started or shut down – for great, fresh taste with every cup of coffee. Regular descaling will extend the life of your espresso machine.