Pioneer A-30 Black מגבר סטריאו פיוניר

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צפוי החזר מס של כ-55 יורו

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צפוי החזר מס של כ-55 יורו

Pioneer A-30

מגבר סטריאו פיוניר – שחור


מחיר המגבר בארץ


Pioneer A-30 black Amplifier

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Uncomplicated, refined, powerful

The Pioneer A-30 Amplifier with Direct Energy Design and symmetric design provide superior sound quality and feature simple technical elegance.

At the Pioneer A-30 front panel made of brushed aluminum can be in black polished aluminum knobs volume, adjust bass / treble / balance and input source while vote by blue LED buttons Volume, Speaker A / B, Power Amp Direct and select the input source accurately or checked.

The Pioneer A-30 rear panel was designed with regard to the audio requirements of different systems and offers the following connection options: Aux Input, Network, Recorder, Power Amp Direct, Speaker A + B and input for “Source Direct Mode devices”.

This Pioneer A-30 provides the following features:

  • Symmetrical construction
  • Clean Ground Construction
  • “Power Amp Direct” mode
  • 5 haptic keys, eg for Power Amp Direct
  • Trans-Stabiliser
  • 12 blue LED dial buttons
  • Motorized volume control Aluminium

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