Pioneer BDP-X300 silver נגן בלו ריי פיוניר


Pioneer BDP-X300 נגן בלו ריי פיוניר - כסוף  

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Pioneer BDP-X300

נגן בלו ריי פיוניר – כסוף


דגמי 2016


Pioneer BDP-X300 blu-ray player

The Pioneer BDP-X300 depicts the technical progress as a pleasant side: Composition in the enjoyment of come into this universal disc player image of modern technologies. The modern video engine about delivers stunning, by conventional display High Definition content from Blu-ray discs or the integrated video converts streamer into Glaubwürdiges 4 K UltraHD.
The ScreenCast Standard miracast in combination with the built-in WiFi New enjoyment, the screen contents of 1 tablets with because it a tip added daily to your TV Beamt. And if you want to listen to its player occasionally but also about the stereo system, Learn the Pioneer BDP-X300 again, because the player has a very high quality transducer department who have made it sound at least can be with pure CD can absorb. Of Compatible Pioneer receivers only which you can set the Pioneer BDP-X300 with PQLS even more of a Trumpf playing, which then benefit to audio via the HDMI cable. This economy transfer is mechanical wristwatches susceptible to jitter, so changes in the Datentakt that will have you dreaming of the which can conversion in distortion are a result. Pioneer solves this problem a * x 300 to roots: The player with PQLS Compliant receiver together, this the speed of audio data, which the jitter is practically eliminated and in a better focused, clear sound.
HighRes audio
Experience digital stored music this close to the analogue Original like never before. Pioneer BDP-X300 supports formats than of the CD standard of 44.1 kilohertz sampling rate and 16-bit depth with ease. Experience WAV and FLAC files in real studio quality, with resolutions up to 192/24, as well as on the immense experience that super audio cd used DSD (direct stream digital) format with a sampling rate of up to 2.8 Megahertz play this device.
Quick View/Slow View
‘About the function Quick View with sound ”

Set includes:

Blu-ray player, remote control, batteries