Pioneer SX-20 silver מגבר סטריאו פיוניר

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Pioneer SX-20 מגבר רסיבר סטריאו פיוניר - כסוף  

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Pioneer SX-20

מגבר רסיבר סטריאו פיוניר – כסוף


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Pioneer SX-20 SILVER

Make your favorite radio station for Mood power plant

With the Pioneer SX-20 100 watts per channel offers this high quality stereo receiver rich sound and ample power reserves.

Simply connect to a SACD player, a network audio player, a recorder or even a record player with magnet system and enjoy your music to the fullest.Thoroughly designed for quality and performance features of the Pioneer SX-20, oversize connections for two pairs of speakers. The Lautprecherpaare can be used individually (A or B) or run (A + B) at the same time. Also possible is the so-called bi-wiring – wiring of the separate tweeter and woofer to improve sound quality even further.

Pioneer SX-20 specs:

  • Maximum output power per channel: 100 W + 100 W
  • FL display with recorder, headphone jack and phono input
  • Output impedance: 4-16 ohms (A / B)
  • AM / FM tuner with RDS
  • Scope of supply: Pioneer SX-20 Stereo Receiver