Siemens EQ.5 מכונת קפה סימנס

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Siemens EQ.5

מכונת קפה סימנס


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Siemens EQ.5 automatic Coffee Machine

למפרט המוצר באתר סימנס

Siemens EQ.5 Ideal temperature for maximum flavor: Senso flow system. Coffee should be prepared in such a way that the fragrance is released completely at the right temperature. The ideal brewing temperature for an ideal espresso is 194-203°F (90-95°C). If the brewing temperature is too low, only part of the free gets released, alternatively if the brewing temperature is too high, coffee tastes burnt. The fully automatic EQ coffee machine with a system flow sensor is the only one of its kind – hot water is always at the right temperature and maintains it throughout the brewing process. This is professional technology that provides professional espresso. For an extra strong coffee aroma use Double Shot. Get extra strong coffee with full flavor preservation thanks to the innovative Double Shot function. The Double Shot function deals two processes: grinding and brewing, ensures consistency for a better flavor. This automated process helps to avoid the bitter aftertaste: less water means less bitterness. Only the best of the beans reach your cup of coffee. Individually determined quantity: individualCup volume. Want to create an exceptional coffee, not just of one of standard sizes, but for all sizes in between? You will need the perfect technology. The individualCup function uses not just the default settings of “small,” “medium,” and “large” but five different volume settings, depending on the volume you want.

Other features: 
Height: 385 mm
Width: 280 mm
Automatic shutdown: Yes
Coffee input type: Coffee beans, Ground coffee Coffee beans
capacity: 300 g
Water reservoir capacity: 1.7 L
Certification: CE, VDE
Color of product: Silver
Design: Freestanding
Built-in milk frother: Yes
AC input frequency: 50/60
Cable length: 1 m
Integrated mill: Yes
Coffee machine: Fully automatic
Built-in display: No
Weight:9.3 kg
Package weight: 10.6 kg
Power: 1600 W
Maximum operating pressure: 15 bar
Depth: 479 mm
Type of product: Espresso machine
AC input voltage: 220-240