Sonos Playbase white סאונד בייס סונוס


למרות שמופיע שהמוצר לא נשלח לישראל, הוסיפו לסל, המוצר נשלח

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

למרות שמופיע שהמוצר לא נשלח לישראל, הוסיפו לסל, המוצר נשלח

Sonos Playbase

סאונד בר מקרן קול סונוס – לבן


SONOS PLAYBASE – Experience cinema sound that goes under the skin.

The completely new PLAYBASE delivers full cinema sound for movies, TV shows, sports transmissions and G

Better than conventional TV speakers: The PLAYBASE has ten amplified internal drivers – six mid-range drivers, three woofers and a tweeter. It replaces the speakers of your TV and provides rich bass, crystal clear dialogues and stunning sound.

  • Sonos Voice Enhancement: The PLAYBASE automatically plays dialogues over the middle channel, where the human ear can hear it best. Do you want even clearer dialogues? Then turn on the speech enhancement.
  • Sonos night mode: This exclusive feature of Sonos automatically amplifies quiet sounds and makes loud noises quieter.
  • Trueplay Speaker Tuning: Another exclusive feature of Sonos: Trueplay perfectly matches all components in your Sonos home theater set-up and the room. For the best possible sound – no matter how you set up your speakers.
  • Simple Home Cinema Upgrades: Add the Sonos SUB over your WLAN and experience bass that goes under the skin. Use two Sonos PLAY: 1, PLAY: 3, or PLAY: 5 as the rear speakers, and you will experience full surround sound.

  • Sonos is the Home Sound System, which provides WLAN for your entire home with great sound. With a single app, you can stream different songs to Sonos Speaker in different rooms – or you can run a song synchronously throughout the house.
  • Scope of delivery: PLAYBASE, power cable, Ethernet cable, optical audio cable, short instructions for installation, legal and warranty information.

Easy setup. Will get better with time

You do not have to route speaker cables across the room. Just set up your PLAYBASE and connect it to the TV via an optical cable. That was it. All without extra cable and additional programming.

Regular software updates update your PLAYBASE with new features and services. So it’s getting better with time.

WLAN, not Bluetooth

Sonos stream music over your wireless network, not through your smartphone. Therefore, there are no misfires, delays or other interruptions that may occur with Bluetooth.

Music as a multiroom experience

Music streaming in a room is great. Music streaming throughout the house even better. Just add more Sonos speakers to your system, and listen to music in multiple rooms. All our speakers work seamlessly together. This allows you to play different songs in different rooms or the same song in the whole house.

Let your love of music revive

With Sonos, music gets a fixed place in your life. Do you remember your favorite songs from before? Or would you like to discover new music? In the morning, wake up to your favorites and accompany them through the day. Sonos makes every moment a special moment.

All the music in the world

Sonos plays everything: the most popular music streaming services, on-demand services, internet radio, your favorite podcasts and guides, your collected downloads …

Everything you like to hear.

The Sonos App gives you access to all the music in the world. You can also control your Sonos system directly using the Spotify app.

A single app – full control over your music

You determine what you hear, where you hear it, and how loud you hear it. In a room or the whole house. Crawl all your music services for a song with just one search. And create a playlist quickly. The Sonos app makes it possible.