SONY NW-WS413 אוזניות ספורט אלחוטיות סוני

₪475 ₪400

SONY NW-WS413 אזניות ספורט אלחוטיות עמידות למים MP3 כוללות נגן   

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון


אזניות ספורט אלחוטיות עמידות למים

MP3 כוללות נגן 


למחיר האוזניות בארץ

לכל הסידרה באמזון ארה”ב


SONY NW-WS413 Wearable and Wire-free

Ideal for sports and active lifestyles, this unique digital music player allows you to be wire-free, hands-free, and without distraction whether you’re working out at the gym, playing outdoors or even swimming.

Ergonomically designed for long-lasting comfort hours on end. Along with a wire-free, secure fit the sports Walkman is guaranteed to never fall out even during the most rigorous physical activities

Enjoy music without carrying your smartphone

The NW-WS413 may be compact in size but can store hours of music thanks to the internal 4 GB memory.

Waterproof (even salt water!) and dust-proof

Designed for athletes in all sports, and for use in salt and fresh water up to two meters deep. Along with being sweat proof and dust proof the sports Walkman is built to endure the toughest training.

Tune into your environment

There are times when you won’t want to be cut off from the world around you; running across the city streets, paddle-boarding around the bay, etc, and with the ambient noise function you won’t be. Instead of removing your headphones, simply press the ‘need to find out the name of the button’ and you’re back in touch with the sounds around you, all while your music keeps playing.

Great fit

Ergonomically designed for long-lasting comfort, hours on end.

The secure, behind the ear design will never fall out even during the most rigorous physical activities

Drag, drop and go

With a Walkman player, you are never tied to just one music service. Just drag and drop files from iTunes for Mac or Windows and enjoy. Multi-format playback also lets you play MP3, WMA, AAC or L-PCM music files; now that’s freedom.

Quick charge battery

Use the included USB dock to get up to 60 minutes of use on just 3 minutes of charge, and with a battery life of up to 12 hours on a full charge, the NW-WS413is ready when you are.

Open, charge and listen

Everything you need is in the box including USB dock, 1 set earbuds, 1 set swimming earbuds, Adjustment Band, and Holder, to ensure smooth sailing.