Sony PS-HX500 פטיפון סוני


המחיר לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד - להסבר לחצו כאן

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

המחיר לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד – להסבר לחצו כאן

Sony PS-HX500 פטיפון סוני

Sony PS-HX500 turntable

USB record player with high-resolution

Audio recording function

Breathe a your favorite analogue pieces with DSD new life. Just plug in via USB to your PC to Sony PS-HX500 turntable, and record using the native conversion to DSD 5.6 MHz every nuance of your music. You can then save your precious music collection on a music server or they go to enjoy on your Walkman. By connecting to a high-quality component audio system this turntable also enables the authentic reproduction of your records. Take Sony PS-HX500 to convert your vinyl records in high-quality high-resolution audio files.

Vinyl is immortalized by High-Resolution Audio

The Sony PS-HX500 is equipped with a high-quality A / D converter. Thus, you can easily connect it via USB to your PC and records in high-resolution audio formats convert (up to 5.6 MHz DSD or PCM bit 192 kHz / 24). This feature gives you the option to back up your precious vinyl collection and enjoy your favorite tracks on the go on your Walkman. Experience the soft, natural and warm sound of analog recordings anywhere, anytime in high-quality digital quality.

DSD (Direct Stream Digital)

The Sony and Philips – the company behind the original CD format – jointly developed for high-resolution audio DSD technology (Direct Stream Digital) delivers a new type of audio capture and playback.In contrast to the conventional PCM format is a 1-bit DSD audio stream analog audio faithful to the original again. Thus, you get all the benefits of digital audio files, including a frequency response of over 100 kHz and a wide dynamic range, combined with the natural sound of an analog recording. By significantly less complex detection and decoding process produces a sound quality that is the original vision of the artist justice.

Newly developed, integrated tonearm

Through the Sony PS-HX500 shell design of the tone arm, the life is improved and the pickup stabilized for a sharper, more spacious sound. The slight skin structure optimizes the lowest resonance frequency and the sampling of lower frequencies, while the circular shape allows a genuine and pristine sound reproduction. The straight tonearm balancing the stylus precisely and without affecting the stereo balance, while the lateral support structure minimizes flutter.

Built-in USB digital output

Connect Sony PS-HX500 turntable easily to a PC, and convert your favorite vinyl records into digital music files.

Playing LP / EP

Sony PS-HX500 turntable supports two speeds 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions / min., So you can play both LPs and EPs.

Enjoy your favorite records on the move

Enjoy the authentic, warm and mellow sound of vinyl now anywhere – indoors, outdoors and in the car – in digital format.

Transfer to Walkman for music enjoyment anywhere

Copy the songs of your records initially DSD format on your PC, and then transfer them to your Walkman. So you can enjoy your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere.

High-Resolution Audio

Sony offers from the source to the speaker numerous technologies for the ultimate audio experience. For high-resolution audio files give the digital amplifier and the special tweeter every nuance again, so you experience a sound quality that is the artist justice.

Integrated Phono EQ

The Sony PS-HX500 internal phono equalizer amplifier allows switching between phono and line output, so you can play your music on both the built-in amplifier and an external phono EQ.

Record your discs with the drive

Copy the songs of your records initially DSD format on your PC, and then transfer them to a USB storage device to play it in the car. Now you can take your favorite tunes anytime along for the ride.

Save your music collection on HDD

Copy the songs of your records initially DSD format on your PC, and then transfer them to an HDD player. Thanks to the large storage capacity, you can convert whole shelves full of records to digital formats and access to them promptly.

A / D converter for converting native in DSD

The Sony PS-HX500 internal A / D converter supports native converting analog signals into digital DSD signals with 2.8 MHz or 5.6 MHz.

“Hi-Res Audio Recorder” app

Use the editing app for Windows and Mac OS X, you can cut out parts of the recording and split songs.

Integration in Audio System

Connect the Sony PS-HX500 a high-quality component audio system to enjoy the authentic and pure sound of your records.

High-Resolution Audio file formats

In addition to recorded with DSD DSF files supports the turntable and the recording and playback of recorded PCM WAV files.

Extremely stable belt drive system

The Sony PS-HX500 optimized shape of the drive plate stabilizes the belt drive for a natural sound reproduction.

Newly developed rubber mat for high sound quality

The Sony PS-HX500 new design features with 5 mm thickness the highest in its class. By great adhesion properties on the record surface also unnecessary resonances are avoided.

Die cast aluminum plate

The Sony PS-HX500 die-cast aluminum plate with high inertia provides an optimum balance between power and ground.

MDF cabinet with acoustic properties

The Sony PS-HX500 MDF cabinet has, thanks to its 30 mm thickness on a high density. This ensures outstanding sound characteristics and an accurate reproduction of the entire sound spectrum.