Sony STR-DN1080 7.2 black רסיבר קולנוע ביתי סוני


המוצר נשלח לישראל למרות שרשום שלא, תוסיפו לסל ותתקדמו בתהליך

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

המוצר נשלח לישראל למרות שרשום שלא, תוסיפו לסל ותתקדמו בתהליך

Sony STR-DN1080

רסיבר קולנוע ביתי סוני


דגמי 2017


Sony STR-DN1080 A/V Receiver

Just as the artist intended

Enjoy superior high-resolution audio, even the smallest nuances and studio-quality sound. The passion for music is evident in all components, so you have the feeling that the artist would occur in front of you.

Discover Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos provides stunningly realistic 360 ° surround sound and positions the sound precisely in your environment, so that the 7.1.2 speaker channels (including Phantom Surround Back) envelop you with sound – even from above.

Discover DTS: X

The DTS decoding X provides multi-dimensional surround sound, which is adjusted in real time to your speaker configuration. Sounds can be precisely positioned around you and above you, thanks to nine speaker channels (incl. Phantom surround back speakers) and object-based audio decoding.

Flexible speaker solutions

The flexible speaker solution from Sony “move” the sound to simulate the optimal position and the optimum angle for the best possible audio experience and compensate it from physical space limitations.

Phantom Surround Back

The speaker setting “Phantom Surround Back” produced the impressive sound physical surround back speakers, so you can enjoy 7-channel surround sound with a 5-channel speaker setup.

Virtual Surround S-Force Pro Front Surround

S-Force PRO Front Surround creates with only two speakers to create a virtual sound field with surround sound, which is also suitable for smaller rooms. This are not even necessary rear speakers behind you.

Seamless automatic calibration

By combining audio calibration technology and virtual Speaker Relocation DCAC EX automatically optimizes the speaker frequencies, phase shifts and delays and ensures a perfectly matched your space sound field.

Take advantage of consistent quality 4K

It offers lossless 4K: 4K gain allows the receiver to process data without compromising image quality and is also compatible with HDCP 2.2.

Clear view with High Dynamic Range

Thanks to the support of HDR signal transmission you will experience an incredible progress in terms of image contrast and brightness. Additional light and shadow detail improve image accuracy and let shine colors.

DSD native playback

The Sony and Philips – the company behind the original CD format – jointly developed for high-resolution audio DSD technology (Direct Stream Digital) delivers a new type of audio capture and playback. The sampling frequency is 128 times a CD, and it provides 8 times the data volume of a CD and thus the listening pleasure to a whole new level. DSD is completely different from PCM format. It uses a pulse density modulation encoding to store audio signals. This sound is expressed by the pulse intensity of a digital audio stream with 1 bit, which comes much closer to the nature of an analog waveform. So a natural-looking analog-like sound is realized in combination with the digital advantages of a wide dynamic range and a 100 kHz frequency response exceeding. Since the STR-DN1070 the faithful DSD (Direct Stream Digital) supports playback, there is no conversion, and you can play DSD content without losing their original purity.

High-Resolution Audio file formats

The STR-DN1080 supports a variety of high-resolution audio formats including DSD and Linear PCM both. And not only that: Playback is possible via USB and DLNA, and thanks to the multi-channel capability, you can integrate the high-quality sound in an impressive surround sound system.

Dsee HX-Upscaling

Use the DSEE HX technology optimized your existing audio files to almost achieve high-resolution audio quality. Experience by a listening experience as in the recording studio or like at a concert.

Chromecast integrated

Play music, podcasts and radio back of more than 100 audio apps like Google Play Music from your smartphone, tablet, notebook or audio device. Just tap the Cast button.

Spotify Connect

Enter Spotify through the audio device again, by using the Spotify app as a remote control.

Six HDMI inputs and two outputs

Thanks to six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs (including a special HDMI output for secondary rooms) you can not only your existing system, but if necessary, to connect more devices.

DSD-native playback via DLNA, HDMI or USB

Enter DSD content again connected to the DLNA network devices or via USB with support for high-resolution audio playback with up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.

LDAC: for the transmission of high-resolution audio content

LDAC transmits in about three times more data (for a maximum transmission rate of 990 Kbit / s), as in conventional Bluetooth audio. This allows you to enjoy high-resolution audio content with excellent sound quality.

Touch, connect and play

Keep a compatible smartphone to the receiver to enable the transfer via Bluetooth.

AirPlay Audio

Playing music from AirPlay-compatible devices.

Transfer your music throughout the house with SongPal Link

Listen to your favorite songs with the multi-room function of SongPal App anywhere in the home. With SongPal Link You can combine selected sound bars and speakers from Sony to a group, and then transfer music in multiple rooms.