Yamaha ISX-18D black רמקול אלחוטי ימאהה

₪1,890 ₪950

המוצר נשלח לישראל למרות שרשום שלא, תוסיפו לסל ותתקדמו בתהליך

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אהבתי, קח אותי לאמזון

המוצר נשלח לישראל למרות שרשום שלא, תוסיפו לסל ותתקדמו בתהליך

Yamaha ISX-18D black

רמקול אלחוטי ימאהה – שחור


מחיר הרמקול בארץ


Yamaha ISX-18D Black – MusicCAST

MusicCast is a revolution in the area of ​​network music and gives you the opportunity to use all MusicCast products together or individually. You control everything about an app that is intuitive to use. Start with a soundbar, a network speaker, an AV receiver or a HiFi component, to your liking. Connect them to one another and expand your system at a later date according to your wishes. Everything to Everywhere for Everyone.

Bluetooth and AirPlay

You can play all sources from your smartphone with Bluetooth or AirPlay.

Be it audio from music apps, radio apps, Youtube and other services – just stream everything!

Use every music source

MusicCast works with a powerful network and brings music to you.

Stream digital music content from your smartphone, PC or NAS to all MusicCast components in your home.

With Bluetooth, you can also distribute all other content from your smartphone or tablet.

An app for everything

Use the well-designed app and control your music throughout the house.

Bluetooth transmitter for convenient music streaming

The ISX-18D with the new Bluetooth technology makes wireless control more convenient than ever.

You can send music from your ISX-18D to Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Alarm clock function in the MusicCast app

You can set an alarm for the ISX-18D in the MusicCast app.

Not only the alarm time, but also the sound, volume and other functions can be easily adjusted.

The volume of the selected source increases slowly and gently.

Upgrading your facility

With the ISX-18D, you can simply upgrade your facility and create a more comfortable atmosphere. In addition to the good sound, high-quality materials have been used here, which give a beautiful appearance.

The frontpanel is made of a piece of steel net and avoids unnecessary residues.

So achten wir mit einfach Schritten auf unsere Umwelt.

Der Rahmen ist auch aus einem Stück Aluminium geschnitten und bietet somit eine hohe Stabilität und Haptik.

Digitalradio dank DAB / DAB+

DAB and the improved DAB + version is a digital audio broadcasting that offers you a wide selection of high-definition radios. Other advantages are the automatic adjustment of available transmitters and the display of the transmitter names and other information in the display.

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