Yamaha YAS-207 black סאונד בר ימאהה

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המחיר המוצג הוא לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד - להסבר לחצו כאן

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חסר במלאי

המחיר המוצג הוא לבעלי חשבון פריים בלבד – להסבר לחצו כאן

חסר במלאי

המוצר נשלח לישראל למרות שרשום שלא, תוסיפו לסל ותתקדמו בתהליך

Yamaha YAS-207

סאונד בר מקרן קול ימאהה – שחור


מחיר מקרן הקול בארץ


Yamaha YAS-207 black

World’s first soundbar with virtual 3D surround thanks to DTS Virtual: X. The cable subwoofer ensures the correct draft.

Overpowering soundscape. Immerse yourself

The world’s first application of DTS Virtual: X. 3D surround sound like you’ve never heard of before. This one device is sufficient to produce sound that radiates down from the ceiling – like the sound of falling rain or a passing spaceship. Immerse yourself in the unique breathtaking world of your favorite films, concertos and games – as if you were really live.

Difficulties in understanding the dialogue?

Not any longer longer. With the YAMAHA YAS-207 you can hear everything. Full dynamic, crystal clear sound – via a simple connection. In addition, the Clear Voice function moves the narrative frames and dialogues to the fore without affecting the overall sound image. Movies, TV shows, sports commentaries, news – all immediately clearer and better audible.

A bass that socks one of the socks

A bass, you can not just stand still. Powerful, ingenious cinema sound – in your home. Since the YAMAHA YAS-207 system is an external subwoofer, you can enjoy the explosive sound of action movies and the electrifying atmosphere of concertos – your home entertainment becomes more exciting than ever before.

The perfect blend. Your style, your space

With a height of only 60 mm, this slim soundbar fits in front of your TV without ever blocking the picture. In addition, you can attach it to a wall using the keyhole bracket, giving you an amazingly strong sound in a slim package – an optimal combination for your TV, regardless of installation.

Overpowering sound you control from the wrist

Stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone with convincing wireless quality. The YAMAHA YAS-207 automatically expands the high-sound range of compressed music sources (such as MP3) and deepen the midrange and bass frequencies, providing you with an exceptionally vivid and warm sound quality, close to the original.

Say goodbye to complexity

A simple HDMI connection is all you need for your TV and your Blu-ray Disc player. Open the box, place the YAMAHA YAS-207 in the desired location and connect the cables. Clean. Fast. Easy.

Only one remote control

If your TV is HDMI-CEC compatible, you can turn the unit on / off, switch between inputs, adjust the volume, and easily perform other operations in combination with your TV – all with a single remote control.

Control by fingertip

If you want to go further, there is a HOME-THEATER-CONTROLLER-app, which allows you a clever operation in a nice, intuitive and easy-to-understand design. Select the content you want to play, adjust the sound quality perfectly, or turn the unit on or off – all with your fingertip on your smartphone.

Advanced HDMI interface

The HDMI interface of the YAMAHA YAS-207 delivers only the best of both audio and video formats – high-resolution 4K / 60p video signals are supported to provide you with rounded, superb quality without loss. It is also compatible with HDR (High Dynamic Range), which gives you a lively color image quality, rich in natural tones.

Five surround sound modes

With this special app you can create optimal sound settings for five different sound modes, which are optimally programmed for various applications: TV programs, movies, music, sports and games.

Wireless subwoofer

The YAMAHA YAS-207 also has a slim subwoofer. Thanks to the wireless connection, it fits cleanly and inconspicuously in every room and every environment. Turn it on, turn it on and enjoy truly dynamic deep bass.

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